Thursday 28 February 2013

Saving that CPP! A Quick Tip.

I am working on a couple of posts right now. One is about cutting the cost of your cable/internet/cell phone bill and the other is about Quick Method for taxes. But I had to share a great idea I heard today while doing some training for SEDI and The Canadian Centre for Financial Literacy.

The other day I was lamenting the drop of income that occurred this January on Chris' pay cheque. It happens every January. I should be used to it by now, but I am not. It is the CPP that comes off each month until he reaches the maximum yearly contributions in July. Then, all of a sudden, we have more money to spend, and spend we do. We quickly adjust and forget all about this re-adjustment that is going to happen again in January.

Found Money!

This year, I am going to take that $374 and put it into a savings account! I am going to continue to live on the budget I have from January to June and save the $374 each month from July to December. I may put the extra money into our RRSP or maybe try to pay off some of our car loan. I have not decided what to do with the extra $2,244, but I am excited to "find" this extra money! Thanks to Jeanette from the United Way for sharing this great saving technique!

Have a great weekend!

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